dnd 3.5e – Is this rule of the house replacing the balanced hindrance?

I'm going to challenge the frame.

You said that your group finds it boring to calculate the hindrance. So, to solve that, have you created another system for the hindrance? Does that only calculate things differently? That does not seem to solve your real problem.

If your group does not want to deal with the hindrance, have you considered simply postponement that? You are adventurous, you will discover it. Some way to move the loot from point A to point B, even if only all the things accumulate in a sled and it crawls around; If you do not want to worry about the details of how you achieve that, not really to have to.

If you hit me on the head with a hammer, then the solution is not to look for a rubber mallet to hurt. Less When I hit myself, the solution is to stop hitting myself. You play role-playing games to have fun (I hope); if there is a part that It is not funny, skip that part.

Warning: Some people do Enjoy the mechanics of hindrance. It is 100% correct for these people to use existing mechanisms or adapt / create their own. My point is that the people who not to do enjoy the hindrance should not feel compelled to continue using it only because it is in the rule book.

Even groups that do getting some value from the hindrance may be worth abandoning the actual rules for it. It seems that you are putting a lot of work into developing house rules to cover the nuisance, and you worry about whether those rules are balanced (it is always a good question to ask about the rules of the house), when maybe that is not the solution simpler. If you trust your DM to adjudge the hindrance, then why not get people to take it, however much it seems appropriate, and let the DM decide if someone is on the line?