dnd 3.5e – How does a dedicated Wright complete the process of creating an element?

A Wright dedicated (Eberron Campaign Setup, page 285) has the following supernatural ability:

Creation of the article (Su): A dedicated wright can perform daily tasks related to the creation of elements on behalf of its teacher. The teacher must meet (or emulate) all the prerequisites to create the desired element normally, and pay the gold and the cost of XP. The only cost in which a dedicated wright can help is time. The teacher spends 1 hour initiating the process, channeling the spelling prerequisites in the dedicated wright and paying the cost of XP to make the article. Then he can leave, allowing the wright to carry the process through to completion.

As well as the following skills and abilities:

Skills: Crafts (anyone) +7, Crafts (anyone) + 4
Dotes: Skill Focus (Craft)

The exact mechanics of the Wright dedicated However, taking the process to completion is not clear to me.

If the teacher created the article, then every week (or every day), the teacher would make a Art with a CD determined by the article that is being prepared, possibly increased to allow a faster progression, and that runs the risk of ruining half of the raw materials if they do not pass the verification of skills.

In the previous description of the Creation of the article (Su) capacity of Wright dedicated However, there is no mention of a Art check at all:

  • Make the Wright dedicated have to make a Art Do you check at all when working on behalf of your teacher?

  • If so, does the Wright dedicated use your own Art ability; Is it possible to create an object for which your teacher does not possess the ability?

  • Or on the contrary, it makes the Wright dedicated use your expertise Art ability; Is it possible that your teacher is faster if you have better skills control? And can the teacher artificially increase the CD (in increments of +10) to speed up the process?

  • Or is it that Wright dedicated I can only work on creating. Magic items, which are made at a rate of 1 day / 1,000 gpone in spite of Art skills?

I would appreciate if someone could clarify the above.

oneExcept for the potions, which are usually made in a day.