dnd 3.5e – Can a Druid Variant of Human Form Change take Multiattack on the first level?

Technically, to obtain a feat, a creature must meet the prerequisites of that feat when the feat is selected: "Your character must have the indicated skill score, class characteristic, feat, skill, base attack bonus, or other quality. designated to be able to select or use that feat "(Player's manual 87).

This means that, technically again, the DM must accept that when the druid 1 that has the alternative class characteristic changes form (Player's Manual II 39-40) wins that first druid level that the druid immediately assumes as a predator by winning a bite attack, launches the first level druid spell claws of beasts [trans] (Compendium of Spells 25) to win two claw attacks, and so-during the claws The duration of 1 hour of the spell: choose as dowries the Multiattack feat and, for example, as an extra feat of a human druid, the improved Multiattack feat (Dungeon # 109 49).

Just to be clear, according to the Advancement Level, which may be optional at level 1 and which is a bit too prescriptive anyway, when a creature advances a level, dowries are selected. before a creature has access to its spells and class characteristics (PH 59).

In other words, for this reader, this technical decision seems unlikely.

In laboratory conditions, technically. Yes at level 3

Alternatively, technically requires there is no DM intervention for a form-change druid when advancing to level 3 to take the Multiattack feat, but doing so requires precise timing. While the druid is both of them in the form of a predator Y the theme of the spell claws of beasts, the druid must get enough XP to advance from level 2 to level 3. If those conditions are met, at that moment of advance the druid meets the prerequisite of the Multiattack feat and can take the dowry. (This writer suggests seeking the approval of the DM for this technique anyway, since a DM will not like it).

In both cases, and others, when the claws of beasts the spell ends or on the druid that leaves the predatory form, using the Multiattack feat would be typically impossible. Unless after the druid still had 3 or more natural weapons, the druid no longer meets the prerequisites of the Multiattack feat. (If it's any consolation, the feat would do they still remain in the druid's character sheet even though the character can not use it.)

However, if they are Really what you are looking for, ask the DM to make the gifts available at level 1

With all this in mind, this DM discovered that there are generally no real balance problems in allowing a PC to choose a feat that the PC can benefit from. only when the PC is using certain special abilities … except to the extent that the PC can be found sometimes, or even frequently,little power In comparison with his compatriots.

That is, if a player in this DM campaign committed to this vision for his PC, this DM would only allow the druid change form of level 1 perform the feats without all the technical rigamarole: it is likely that the combination is not exceptional at low levels when many Things already have a small number of hit points anyway and the druid can seldom assert his exploits. (Remember, not meeting the prerequisites of a feat means not being able to realize the benefit of a feat absolutely!) And, at higher levels, such an adaptation means that the druid player will not have to play with the system to acquire the skills he has in mind for his PC.