dnd 3.5e – Awesome fist and BAB +6 on E6

Stunning Fist requires BAB +8, but the monks get it as an additional feat, ignoring that requirement. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to lose BAB because I am playing E6 and I want to take a feat that requires BAB +6.

Does any complete BAB class also get Stunning Fist as an additional feat, or is there any other approach to obtaining it as a complete BAB E6 character? Even better would be to obtain the superior uses per day of a monk while in full BAB. A means of counting how to have a stunning fist for the prerequisites is also acceptable, although this is less desirable.

Any material published by Wizards of the Coast, as well as any 3.5e Continue or Dungeon Material, is acceptable. No alternatives that do not, RAW, qualify as prerequisites for Stunning Fist are acceptable. Pathfinder material is also unacceptable (otherwise, an unchained monk is an obvious answer that I already know). Mischief to get divine power and claim it to meet the BAB requirements are also frowned upon.