Django Channels + Apache + Docker performance stuck to 10rq/s


I have configured Django Channels inside a docker container on server Ubuntu 20.04 OVH VPS (8vCore, 16Go RAM). To run django-channels I used daphne.


I used Docker-compose with an image for Daphne-Apache, an image for Mysql, an image for Redis.


I used Locust to check the load performance of the application. When I have more than 10rq/s, the server HTTP response time becomes huge (> 10 sec) and the application becomes unavailable.

Where is the bottleneck? What could improve the performance?

Extra Info

  • Note 1: I have reduced the SQL Querries to very low amount, about 5 per page.
  • Note 2: On the VPS info page, CPU, Mem, bandwidth is not fully used at all.
  • Note 3: I serve static files with Apache Alias, but when the application is overloaded, even static files takes time to load.
  • Note 4: The error I get when there is too much load ConnectionError(ProtocolError('Connection aborted.', RemoteDisconnected('Remote end closed connection without response')))

I’ve searched and found out using multiples process with supervisord or Kubernetes could help. But I want to be sure everything is normal before evolving to that.

I can share project files docker-compose.yml,, but it doesn’t seems helpful to me for now.