discrete mathematics – Whats wrong with my counterexample for an MST CUT?

bevor I start, I want to mention, that there is an quivalent problem here How to I have to understand the Cut in an graph in this case?

But the answer doesn’t help me so.

Following Problem:
Given is an Graph $G=(V,E)$, a minimal spanning Tree $G’=(V,E’)$ with $k : E rightarrow mathbb{R}$.

Let $f = {x, y} in E’$ and let $A$ be the set of all nodes reachable from $x$ in $(V, E’ setminus {f})$. Then for every edge $e in delta(A)$ ($delta(A) := { e = {v, w} in E mid v in A text{ and } w in V setminus A }$) it holds that $c(e) geq c(f)$.

Now i tired to understand this definition, but if I draw it, I get this
drawed counterexample

What I am I doing wrong