Destroy your ad to more than 65,000 hungry members of the yahoo group for only $ 7!

Destroy your ad to more than 65,000 hungry members of the yahoo group for only $ 7!
Increase your traffic tomorrow!

I joined several yahoo groups manually and will announce your message with the link of your website to more than 65,000 members of the yahoo group, in the category of "marketing and advertising and home business". These are multiple groups to guarantee answers; Not just a group!

My criteria is hard.
If there is no recent activity, I omitted the group and moved to the next one.
It does not mean that a group is being published, just because it is large. He is effectively dead.

I choose groups that do not have spam.
Do not be fooled, some groups sound good, but the owner will send spam to his own group to make it look like there is a lot of activity.
There are groups that are no more than duplicates of other groups.
I overlooked any group that advertises multiple groups.
All groups have a minimum of 1,500 members and have existed for at least one year.
The majority has between 2,000 and 5,000 members.

Separate identifications bypass the rules once a week in groups that only allow posting once a week.
With different identifications I can make a lot of publicity for you. .

Everything is done manually, since automated software is not the way to go with this kind of thing.

All ads must be relevant to this niche.
We need to be aware of what we are doing here and that is to add to the communities we are communicating with.

  • I only do 1 mailing per user name per day; 10 emails per day from now on.
  • More emails will be available soon.
  • More categories are coming.

Only $ 7 by email.
If you want more than one email, I suggest you make different headlines for each email.
Create a great headline and a brief relevant comment.
Do not forget to add your full website address.

Digitalpoint special!
Buy 3 ads, get one free.

To increase your traffic tomorrow,
Post here and just say "wanted traffic" and I'll send you a message.

There is a discounted revision cost of $ 5 to the first 5 members

PD This is a service that I offer, being a member of these groups.