design – Separating unrelated data to be mapped back for later use

I’m having a use case of a node editor, my node editor has “Sockets”, dots highlighted here
enter image description here

Sockets are distinguished by “EntryType” class, which is a “blueprint” definition for Entry, in this case type name is “Number”, sockets have to access color information according to EntryType.

Here’s an Entry highlighted

enter image description here

EntryType has to store it’s shape (You can see the green socket has squarish shape, while other rhombus) and color.

The problem is that it makes no sense for EntryType to store color and shape information, because EntryType should just indicate a blueprint for entries, and we are mixing completely unrelated data.

So is there a way to separate unrelated data, so we can map it (Visual information) back. Or is that just a made-up problem, that will not affect myself and my development speed?