Design pattern for wrapping multiple apis in a single api

I have 3 different libraries that provide depth data, as well as gesture information. I need to wrap these libraries in one easier to use for the user api The apis that I am trying to wrap provide a set of utilities, as well as information that is not the same. Basic data is provided, such as depth images or color images, but tracking may have a different method or the amount of information provided may differ. For example, an API provides a list of the hands that are detected and each hand has an orientation information (l / r) internally. Another API provides hand objects l / r with NULL If it is not found and information if it is found.

I need to wrap these apis in a single api in the same language (c ++) that allows the user to have to write much less code to obtain the main functionalities. Is there a pattern that offers the best practices for such a task? Or some example in the industry that does something similar? I understand that united apis are better than a big api, but for my current use case, a big api makes sense, so I need to do that.