design: How to create a good structure for a multi-brand project in vue.js?

I want to create a multi-brand Vue.js project. There will be common components, but there will also be exceptions. I want to find a good structure for that problem.

All brands will use the same routes. After making a call to the API (or based on the domain) we will determine the brand. Based on that brand, we need to import / display only the necessary and relevant components / files.

I thought to use a structure similar to Magento. Depending on the brand, we can check if there is a file in the brand folder, if we can not use the default file. Therefore, we can create default components, but also create exceptions grouped by folders with brand name. I think it is not possible to access the file system to verify whether a file exists or not (outside the public folder). This is the problem.

What would be the best way to do that?