delphi – Reading and Writing binary file of 7 GBytes

How can I read and write a binary file of more than 7 GBytes?

The assign (f, 'xx' and the reset (f) work but when I am going to start the file path, the function eof (f) does not work properly, I understand that it is because the TFileRec structure has the fields BufPos and BufEnd defined as cardinal and can only represent up to 4 GBytes.

What function group can I use to perform the described operation?

procedure TForm1.BtnSplitClick1 (Sender: TObject);
  F, G: File Of RecCustom;
  System.Assign (F, 'NameInputF');
  System.Reset (F);
  System.Assign (F, 'NameOutputF');
  System.Reset (F);
  while Not System.Eof (F) Do Begin
    BlockRead (F, Arr, 1);
    // Modify record Arr
    BlockWrite (G, Arr, 1);
  System.Close (F);

Thank you