Dell R620 with PERC s110 and LSI for RAID

I have acquired a Dell poweredge R620 that has a PERC S110. I am familiar with my Dell T420 that holds the PERC H710 (I beleive) and in bios F2 if you choose RAID mode you reboot and have access to ctrl+r that will boot you into PERC RAID. My T420 I do this and can configure RAID with SATA SSD by using interposers cause the perc is SAS

This R620 with S110 PERC, when I choose RAID mode in bios and reboot. I get the ctrl+r but when I boot into the RAID it does not discover any of my SSD drives at all. I can see them on post boot but not in the RAID. I have explored everything under the sun and I could not understand why it is not finding the drives.

However, someone helped me boot into LSI config ctrl+c that is a RAID and found those drives and I can configure them there after alot of huffing and puffing because there was a series of steps to take. I think this is a software RAID? I don’t get it. The bios boot is solidflare I am unfamiliar with and the boot in bios is not set to RAID mode but AHCI mode.

Anyways I would like to know if this LSI config is software RRAID. I’m used to booting to the PERC RAID and config from there and would like to know what is going on here.
If anyone came across this kind of setup please shed some light on this.

many thanks.