"default route" disappeared on ssdnodes.com VPS


I am facing a very peculiar problem with a VPS ssdnodes.com that I recently ordered. I'm not a server administrator, but I've been using unmanaged VPS for 5 to 6 years and I've never encountered anything like it before. I would appreciate any idea about this.

I got the VPS from ssdnodes.com and installed Virtualmin. I created a couple of domains and subdomains, and the server worked fine for a few days.

Then, one day after performing an "apt update", I received a message to restart the system. I rebooted and my VPS was inaccessible.

The Ssdnodes technician says that "there is no default route"

My question is what could have caused the removal of the default route. I have been using Virtualmin for years in different VPS (Burst.net, Linode, Ramnode, Vultr, etc.) and I never had this problem before.

Now my system is asking again for a "system reboot" and I am afraid to restart. Please help.

Jatinder Thind