Dedicated server with 40tb and 2gbps without meter or 300tb per month

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What is your budget and what location do you need?

40TB fairly easy, 5 x 10TB RAID5, but 2Gbps without a meter can be expensive.

You should avoid RAID5 if you want to see your data again if a unit runs out:…all-costs.html

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It can be 350 USD

That's a pretty low budget for a 2 Gbps without meter with so much storage space. In what location are you looking to get this server? The bandwidth in the USA UU It does not have the same price as the bandwidth in the NL.

Also, keep in mind that in the world of no-meter servers, there are providers that offer superior bandwidth and some that offer volume bandwidth with low-quality backbone providers. So be sure to check the reviews of the hosting company you want to go with before registering, do not be fooled by the cheap prices!