debian – Postfix mail transport is not available after the amavis parameter was accidentally deleted

I have had an iRedmail installation job (postfix, dovevot, Amavisd / SpamAssassin / ClamAV) for more than 2 months and when trying to add the relay from our web server, the value for a parameter (smtp-amavis_destination_recipient_limit) was accidentally deleted and then Correcting it, the mail problem persists.
I temporarily disabled amavisd and spamassassin from the Postfix configuration file but I still have problems sending and receiving emails.

I have disabled the spam assassin and AV, but the problems are general and it seems that I can not solve the problem or find any solution online.

The only registration message that appears is status = deferred (mail transport not available) after each message in the queue. Any ideas on how to debug this problem with little registration information?