DDoS mitigation of Los Angeles, Dallas, Ashburn, London, Amsterdam, Taiwan, Tokyo and Mumbai!

Psychz Networks It offers dedicated high-performance and enterprise-level servers in a stable and multi-homed network from our downtown Los Angeles and now the data centers in Dallas, Texas!

Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS attacks), what is it?

DDoS attacks are on the rise worldwide. Most of the time it is a competitor trying to get ahead by attacking a competitor or an online resource to put your business or online projects one step behind them.

So what is a DDoS attack? In simple terms, a DDoS attack is the attempt by a malicious entity to tear down a server or even a complete network by generating a lot of bad traffic and directing it to a single target, congesting network lines and making the target unavailable to anyone. Try to achieve that. Being attacked can cause prolonged downtime and make your online business disconnect.

Protect yourself today and keep your business online online! If you need more protection, we have it covered, contact sales@psychz.net for more information.

DDoS mitigation packages

10 Gbps DDoS-Shield ™ Remote Mitigation
100 Mbps clean traffic included

$ 400 / month

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DDoS-Shield ™ 20 Gbps remote mitigation
100 Mbps clean traffic included

$ 800 / month

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DDoS-Shield ™ 30 Gbps remote mitigation
100 Mbps clean traffic included

$ 1200 / month

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50 Mbps increments – $ 300 / month

Test IP:
Mirror of Los Angeles, California (western US):

Dallas, Texas (US Center) Mirror:

Chicago, Illinois (US Central) Mirror:

Ashburn, Virginia (USA East) Mirror:

London, United Kingdom Looking Glass:

Amsterdam, Netherlands Looking Glass:

Barcelona, ​​Spain Looking Glass:

Johannesburg, South Africa Mirror:

Mumbai, India Mirror:

Singapore Mirror:

Taipei, mirror of Taiwan:

Tokyo, Japan Mirror:

Sydney, Australia Mirror:

Viewpoint of Sao Paulo, Brazil:

– Lightning speed network!
– Faster routes to Asia!


Q: Where is traffic cleaned?
A: Los Angeles, California, Dallas, TX, Ashburn, VA, London, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, NL, Johannesburg, ZA and Taipei, Taiwan.

Q: Are you a reseller or do you own your hardware?
A: We are not resellers and we own all servers and routers.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Psychz Networks – Since 2001; Profuse solutions – since 1999

Q: What methods do you accept for payment?
A: We currently accept all major credit cards, Paypal and Alipay.

If you have more questions or comments, contact us at sales (at) psychz.net

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