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I would like to present the two file (DDL) Y video (VUP) Hosters for you. I am also the official support and known under Xim.

First of all, it should be said that there are no PPS and PPV rewards in VUP.to
. We have focused more and more on hosting to provide a very good download and transmission speed. Our service is totally free for all. There is no traffic limit or download. Users climb with passion for their own community. We are aware that Wjunction is a forum where affiliates come first. Many users here are interested in making money. We can understand this very well and we know that many people would not use this service because they can not make money. This service only offers users a possibility that is not possible with other providers.

We do not plan to offer future rewards for VUP.to. It does not belong to our business model. DDL.to has been in existence for more than a year and the service is growing more and more. DDL.TO is the only provider that currently offers PPD and PPS. VUP.to was founded more than a month ago and has now reached the same size as DDL.to.

DDL.TO Current rates of payment per download
https://ddl.to/make_money.html) More information is always available in DDL.TO

Example file: https://ddl.to/ytw4y0zqs9sg
Sample video: https://vup.to/zh23bgtq5uqb.html

What are the differences between us and others? What we offer?

  • We do not limit traffic and speed. (except during rush hour).
  • Our storage servers are located in exotic countries.
  • DDL.to has unlimited storage for users.
  • A service where the uptime is guaranteed. We use the latest technology.
  • We offer music, video player with embed.
  • We offer support through chats and emails.
  • Tools like Z-o-o-m and others are compatible.
  • Download tools such as JDownloader or Mipony are supported.
  • Protector links such as Filecrypt or other providers are compatible.
  • You can upload through browser, tools, FTP, remote URL or other possibilities.
  • Many user options, such as unzipping .ZIP files or creating files. Upload your own SRT files directly through the player or settings. Try it yourself and use the possibilities offered.

These are just some examples that have been shown. Register on the pages and take advantage of the possibilities we offer you.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us here in this thread.
Or contact me by mail [​IMG]

This account in wjunction is managed by Xim