database design – Reference tables / multilingual consultation and reference tables with enumerations

I will use the reference tables for the first time, so I have some questions about it.

Example table

id | description |
1 | Some description1 |
2 | Some description2 |
3 | Some description3 |

1) To increase the readability of the code, I want to create enumerations like the example below. Is this the best practice to do this? What you think?

                public enumeration JobType {
SOME_DESC1 ((short) 1), SOME_DESC2 ((short) 2), SOME_DESC3 ((short) 3);

Private short value;

JobType (short value) {
this.value = value;

public Short getValue () {
return value;

2) If I wanted the reference tables to be multilingual, how should I do that? Should I create tables as an example below? Do you have any other suggestions?

type_work - translation_work - language
id job_id (pk-fk) lang_code
lang_code (pk-fk)