data tables: how to display context dependent buttons in a row

I work in an internal application for my company.

I have a table that shows the documents submitted for digital signature, with a last column used to show buttons with various actions available for each row (show records, download original file, download signed file, cancel signing process).

enter the image description here

For example, in the first row a document was submitted for signature, and the user can view the records, retrieve the submitted document, and stop the process, but cannot download the signed document.

Now, I'm not a big fan of showing disabled buttons to a user who can't do anything about it (there's nothing the user can do to enable the third button in the first row, except wait for the signer to do the signatures), and I was wondering if maybe another display option would be better:

  • Instead of disabling the button, hide it, leaving an empty space instead. I am afraid it may be strange for the user.

  • As a variation of the above, create a separate column for each button type.

  • Delete the disabled buttons completely without leaving any empty space (in the first row, the last button would move to the left).

Is there some kind of general recommendation for this type of situation?