dashboard – How to arrange columns in a table appropriately?

We are re-designing our dashboard. Currently, all table lists will start with ‘ID’ column then followed by ‘Name’. The issue is, all users have a name but not all users have Reference ID especially when ID is not a compulsory field when registering the form.

I believe it is better for the first column to have a compulsory data, which will help user scan the list better.

I came out with two solutions:

  1. Make ID field compulsory when user register so every user will have this value.
  • But we have loyal users that uses the old interface for many years where ‘ID’ is not a compulsory field so a lot of their data do not have the value ‘ID’.
  1. Let the ‘Name’ column be the first column and ‘ID’, second.

Example 1
enter image description here
Example 2
enter image description here

Your guidance and suggestion will be a great help for me in refining the solution.