darktable – Where do I go to learn how to process images effectively?

Emphasis here on the word effectively.

As I have been researching many Questions and Answers here, I have found many examples of amazing results from the processing of images from RAW files like these. I've also seen a lot of discussion about the relative merits of RAW vs. JPEG, in particular with regard to which one governs and which one drools.

I have Darktable and I searched its documentation, but it does not offer much. For example, the section on the use of the color correction module completely consists of this:

color board

For the split tone, move the white dot to the desired highlight and then select a shade tint with the dark dot. For a simple global tint set both points to the same color.


Use the saturation slider to correct global saturation.

This really does not tell me anything I could not have accumulated for 15 seconds of playing with the tool. It also does not help me understand how to use the tool to achieve the effects I want. I would like to learn how to use this program. effectively, instead of stupidly turning the sliders until I get something that is close to what I'm trying to achieve.

Just to clarify, I'm using this module as an example, but I'm not asking (here) specifically about this module. I am looking for resources to help me learn how the different modules impact my image and how to use them to obtain the final result I want. At least as important, I would like to learn to see my image, which I know is not quite right, and recognize how It's not good, and what tool will allow me to fix it. Everything I've found so far is more or less a glorified tour of the program's user interface.

So, to repeat the question, where can I go to learn the artistic aspects of using software like this? I really do not need help to navigate the menus and understand the user interface, but I need a lot of help to get the results I see in my head.