cygwin – ssh in msys2 that does not use the correct home directory for .ssh

$ cd $ HOME
$ pwd
/ c / Users / rjt_jr
$ cat /etc/nsswitch.conf
passwd: db files
group: db files
db_enum: built in cache
db_home: windows cygwin desc
db_shell: windows cygwin desc
db_gecos: windows cygwin desc
$ ssh-keygen.exe -t rsa
Generating public / private rsa key pair.
Enter the file in which the key will be stored (//MYCORPSHARE/USERS/rjt_jr/.ssh/id_rsa): ^ C

When I run ssh it also tries to create //MYCORPSHARE/USERS/rjt_jr/.ssh instead of using correctly ~ / .ssh.

Windows Variable % HOMESHARE% had been pointing to // MYCORPSHARE / USERS / rjt_jr, but I used SETX to reset it to C: Users rjt_jr. This did not change the behavior.

I have no idea what Windows configuration or variable is pointing to ssh to the wrong directory.