cyberpunk 2020: why launch a d6 when designing medications?

I'm designing drugs, because punk. (See Chapter 9: Drugs). I chose my effects, the potency of the drug and even some side effects.

Now I choose my duration, which (if it's minutes or hours instead of shifts) generates a multiplier for the drug's difficulty. But that section includes the following:

When a medication is taken, roll 1D6 + 1 to determine the total amount of time the medication will remain active in the system:

1D10 + 1 laps …….. x1

1D10 + 1 minutes …… x2

1D10 + 1 hours …….. x3

What am I shooting that 1D6 for?

(I suspect that two things are happening: the D10 in the table are typographical errors and should be D6, and the whole section is misspelled: trying to capture how long the medication will last when administered and what difficulty multiplier is applied to the drug creation.)