customs and immigration – If my wife is allowed to enter France with me, can she travel alone to France to join me?

According to the current regulations, I (Polish citizen living in France) am allowed to travel from Israel to France together with my wife (Israeli citizen). To quote the relevant passage from the ministerial webpage:

If you are arriving from another country, you can only enter France if
your journey meets one of the following criteria for exceptions:


2.If you are a European Union citizen or a national of Andorra, the Holy
See, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland
or the United Kingdom, and your main residence is in France or you are
crossing France to reach your country of nationality or residence (you
may be accompanied by your spouse and children);

This phrasing strikes unusual since nowhere else do the regulations say that my wife is allowed to cross the border, it’s only that I’m allowed to cross the border with her. I’m confused as to how such regulations are interpreted. Currently, I am in France and my wife is in Israel. Is she allowed to travel to join me? It would seem utterly illogical if she couldn’t, but if the regulations are read literally that’s exactly what they say.