customization: how to create multiple posts with the same post ID

I have created a publication using acf for the user to enter their publication in the front-end. I have 2 group fields: group A and group B.

the user must enter their publication and send it (Publication A). The back-end administrator will approve / publish your publication (Publication A) so that the user can add a new publication (Publication B) (this publication uses group B). Publication B uses the same publication identification with publication A.

What I do is:
1. Create page for user to create publication (I named it as create-course.php):

You must be a registered author to post.

'; } else { acf_form(array( 'post_id' => 'new_post', 'field_groups' => array(119,22), 'post_title' => true, 'post_content' => true, 'new_post' => array( 'post_type' => 'courses', 'post_status' => 'pending', ), 'return' => '%post_url%', 'submit_value' => 'Submit', //'updated_message' => 'Course Submit!', )); } ?>
  1. The back-end administrator publishes the publication, the user can edit his publication or add another publication (I do this on a single page). To add another post, I create a button to add that redirects to the nesting page.

         array(119,22), // Same ID(s) used before
        'form' => true,
        'return' => '%post_url%',
        'submit_value' => 'Save Changes',
        'post_title' => true,
        'post_content' => true,
    )); ?>
  2. If the user clicks the AddClass button, it will redirect to a new page (to add a new publication). They named me as class.php. This part is not really sure if I can do it on a new page or on a single page. In class.php, I create exactly the same codes as create-course.php because it uses the same concept, right? but if I think so, the data does not pass / update.

Is there any code / example for a scenario like this?

For information, I'm new to WordPress and I only know the basic php.