custom field – Getting JSON data – ACF plugin

Is there any way to get data for ACF fields from JSON?

I mean, for example, that you have a new publication where you have your ACF fields there. How can you fill in these fields by providing the JSON url to one of the ACF fields and then get data and place it in the fields of that publication?
In the first images you can see the field where the JSON url is located and in the second images you can see the ACF fields to which the JSON data goes and if we have problems with JSON we can write it manually.

The field of the JSON url (assuming that in the JSON there are fields called:

The ACF fields in which the JSON data enters and, if we do not, we can manually write

It would be great if you could make a really simple example for this one! 🙂 thank you

Excuse me if this question was answered before, I could not find any results, so I ask her.