currencies – How to recover Exodus wallet from a google back up

I had to factory reset my phone because it was hacked. In my panic I forgot to retrieve and note down the copy of my Exodus 12 word secret recovery code. When I redownloaded my exodus app, I thought it will ask me to login like most other app, but it doesn’t. It only wants the 12 word recovery phrase, which I don’t have. I have a google back up for my phone from before I did the factory reset.

My question is will my exodus details be stored in that back up? When I go to check my back up, all the other apps are there except for exodus, I am not sure why. will there be anywhere in my phone memory where this might have been stored. Is there any other way to recover my 12 word recovery phrase? I did login to my husband’s phone using my exodus login about 6 months ago, is there a way to retrieve that from my husband’s phone by going through historic data. I have the BTC address that I used to transfer the bitcoins to my exodus account. Will that help at all.

Any help or recommendations will be good. I have already contacted exodus but they haven’t been able to help.

My phone is ASUS Rog 2. Any help would be much appreciated.