Currencies: BitcoinAverage just stopped offering free access to its API. Now what?

Today, BitcoinAverage stopped silently admitting "unauthenticated" requests to its API, unexpectedly breaking my entire system that depended on this data. I have been using them for a long time to get the current price of Bitcoin in several fiat currencies. The requests now return all:

Unauthenticated requests are not allowed. Take out a new plan or start
A free trial at

I am not creating an account to get a "free trial." Now they want at least TWELVE BUCKS ONE MONTH so that I can only track the value of Bitcoin:

I don't even pay about $ 12 in total each month for all my "crucial Internet services" … What do you think I am? Any kind of rich person? If I was really bringing money, it would be a completely different matter, then I would happily subscribe to your most expensive plan and not think twice. But that is not the case. I do not make a penny. Sadly.

Is there a stable and non-greedy API from which you can freely take the current value of USD => BTC (or EUR, or GBP, etc.)?