Cryptography: retain control of a published document.

This is a total noob question, it's more about technical feasibility and, in short, it's basically a question of: "Can I solve piracy?" Below is a scenario, with the case study of a movie.

A movie is digitized and uploaded on the web. This digital asset can be copied and shared numerous times. Is there a way to preserve the ownership and control of a particular instance of a file, so that a particular instance of the movie can be deleted without affecting the other instances?

that is, person A downloads "Goodfellas" – Good (A) Person B downloads "Goodfellas" – Good (B)

Is it possible to trace all the instances of Good (A) and Good (B) so that if Good (A) shares the file with person C, the instance of Good (A) in possession of person C can be eliminated centrally , or even all? instances of Good (A)?

I know that Blockchain would allow me to track who is the legitimate owner of the instance Good (A) and Good (B), but I want to say that it is possible to maintain active control of the file remotely, or if it is not the remote control , then some kind of cryptography that makes the file useless?

I hope this makes sense – and apologies again for noobness.