Copywriter Directory

Hi All,

My wife and I run a small WordPress agency and help small businesses in creating high-quality websites. One of the things that we’ve run across is that our customers need help with copywriting and that is just not what we do.

In the interest of helping our customers, we’ve created a directory for Copywriters on our website. This way we can point them to the directory and they can find the help they need and we can work with professional copywriters to get the copy we need for the customer’s web site.

Listing is free and there is no obligation. We will review your submission to the directory to ensure you are legit but other than that we will refer customers that require copywriting to the directory. No fees, no BS just a resource to help people that need quality copywriting and you never know, it could bring you some business (or at the very least a backlink)

You can see the directory here: Copywriters Directory If you are interested, you can submit your listing.