copyright – Storing song lyrics

I’m a guitar player and I built a web app that stores my song lyrics so I can view them on my Ipad when I play cover songs at pubs, etc. Until now, I’ve been the only user but I’d like to allow others to use it for free at first and then perhaps a small charge if people are willing. My question is, can I get in trouble if they store lyrics to cover songs that are copyrighted? A couple of things to note:

  1. Each user must paste in their own lyrics. My site does not provide any lyrics.
  2. Users must login to view their lyrics in the browser and none of the lyrics are publicly searchable.
  3. User might paste in lyrics they have written or lyrics to cover songs which are technically copyrighted.
  4. The users intention is to learn the music either for educational purposes or playing in bars and establishments where management is already paying the necessary fees to the music industry to have performers play in the first place.
  5. Each users songs are stored in a separate database record so technically 100 users may be storing the same lyrics of the same song.
  6. No public voting or viewing of the same version of a specific song.
  7. Site is clearly marked so users know not to attempt to share images of songs with copyrighted lyrics.

I’ve attached a screenshot (unbranded so as not to promote). And the lyrics shown are of a royaltie free song 🙂

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

enter image description here