Convert tcl/tk to python

I have a mid-size tcl/tk application. No external dependencies. I am thinking about converting it to python/tkinter. I can only find about 10 years old comments about this topic. I am asking for more modern views. I do not want to use tcl code inside python.

  1. The main motivation is that all my current coworkers are young python-based programmers who never wrote a line in tcl. I want that they take care of the application in the future. Is this a right motivation?

  2. Basicaly, I have to rewrite all tcl logic (variables, arrays, if, while, for, etc.) from tcl to python, while all tk commands and widgets (canvas, button, pack, ttk, BWidgets) can be used exactly in the same way. Is this true?

  3. Is there any documentation? Are there any tools to help you?

  4. The converted app could have the same efficiency? It could be even faster? It could consume less RAM?