"Every time you fall into the account, those sites have hidden reasons to keep your data.: Roll your eyes:"

Yes, that thought crossed my mind.
You still use Google, Gmail and even Amazon even though you're not Smyrl?

DP is one of the "good guys", it used to be and I'm sure it's still one of the best online forums and therefore has no ulterior motives.

So, if you have no problem with using Google and Amazon to keep all your data, obviously there will be no problem to allow DP to save the data.
Do you agree?

From the point of view of DP, the server space required for the storage of what is mostly text-based content is not a problem.

It's just that for the old programmers like me, it would be nice to be able to go back 10/15 years and see who created a really great site for me and what I was doing until now.

Think about how big the search function would be for the forum, if you could access all the questions and answers over the years!

It would be the best source of technical information anywhere.

Much better than Google or any other source, online or offline!
Seriously, eliminating DP conversations and not making them available as a source of technical information is, of course, not to say the least.

I know that I could download all my conversations and file them.
Imagine if you had to do that for your Gmail or Yahoo!

It would be really good if all the DP conversations could be accessed directly from DP, even if that cost me a bit for the service.