Contest – $ 200 visual identity

Dear all,

We need a visual identity composed of 2 parts: logo + visual statement. Please read the instructions carefully to avoid wasting time. It is a simple project with most of the ideas already gathered. It only needs a final touch.

Deadline: Monday, 5/27/2019, 1:00 PM London time
Payment: $ 200 USD through PayPal
Deliverables: Vector file (.ai, .eps, .psd)

Business Type: a health project aimed at saving women's lives by preventing bleeding after childbirth
Adjustment: low-income countries (avoid high-tech / too-sophisticated elements in the logo)
Style / message to deliver / values: A sense of urgency and a call to action, Expert professional attention, Low income country – Limited source configuration
Colors: Red (# be1522), green (# 538135), black

Logo: sketch attached to this thread
The elements in the letter E are extremely important. The E must be green, except the center line that must be red. The triangle suggests a delivery curtain (which collects the blood) with gradations to quantify the volume of blood as shown in the image. The middle line from E will correspond to the important bleeding threshold; Hence the color red. The E must give a dynamic feeling, a call to action suggested by the arrow and by the bias, but it can also suggest the call to action in other ways. & # 39; REASON & # 39; it must be red and look similar to the letters in the attached image (corresponding to the work already done for it). The letter & # 39; I & # 39; I should have a drop of blood as a point. If you can highlight the fall … even better, perhaps with a different green or thin green border? The slogan below the logo should be & # 39; First response to PPH & # 39 ;, probably in black.

Visual statement: sketch attached to this thread.
The E must carry the elements of the logo, except the triangle / curtain. The letters enclosed in a circle should be highlighted in some way (but not with a circle), perhaps with different colors / borders / etc. Try to make everything tie and visually pleasing.

I will provide comments all the time.
Good luck!

PS: previous successful contests: 1, 2 and 3.