Contest – $ 100 – 4 images / graphics for the website

I need 4 images designed to resemble the description next to the images of the current placeholder that I attached to this. The web page design in the attached file is the current / new web site design, so your designs should follow similar colors (if applicable).

Attached to this publication we will show you the current images and descriptions next to them to allow you to create your own. Respond again with the image # for which you are creating a design.

Reference topic and image:

Payment structure:
Image 1: $ 20
Image 2: $ 20
Image 3: $ 40
Image 4: $ 20

Here are some more instructions:
Image 1: This image can be anything, it should only be related to the title on the left or educational.
Image 2: This should be like this, but with a better design.
Image 3: This can be higher definition, it must be a keyboard / fingers / keys highlighted
Image 4: Similat to image 1, it just needs to be educational / computer related.


  • I don't want real images, I want animated images designed
  • Our audience is mainly K6, so feel free to use animated children in the images.
  • There are no adult theme elements in the images (cars, coffee cup, etc.)

Contest duration: 72 hours – (may end earlier if we like someone's design)