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I am not the administrator of this project, the theme was created for the purpose of familiarization!

Start of the project: 11/15/18.

Investments in the modern world are an integral part of economic development. In the scientific field, investments are called long-term investments in business objects, industry, agriculture, transportation and other industries to receive dividends (profits).
To improve profitability, some companies resort to temporarily investing resources and assets, which also generate income, but do not participate in the main activity.

Excellent opportunity to receive passive income without the need to trade! The PAMM account is an investment account managed by an independent operator.
Follow the profitability of the trade and, if you wish, you can always change the PAMM account. The history and calendar of a PAMM account are always at hand, so you can choose a stable and profitable account to your liking.

The manager is interested in making successful transactions, since he is obligated to invest his funds in his account and receives a reward only for the profits.
Win with us without exchanging on your own.

Investment plans:

6% for 24 hours. 1 $ / 60 rub at 3 $ / 200 rub
21% in 3 days. $ 5/300 rubles to $ 10/600 rubles opening 25/11/2018
80% for 10 days. $ 10/600 rubles to $ 20/1200 rubles opening 12/01/2018
Accumulated every day, the deposit is returned at the end of the term.
In each rate, you can make 1 contribution in rubles, one in dollars
Gradual increase of the limits.


Reference program: 4%
Payment: Payeer
Payments: instantly
SSL Certificate: yes

My deposits:

Date of operation: November 22, 2018 18:28
Operation ID: 681925632
Type of operation: transfer
Status: completed
Debit amount: $ 3.00
Amount received: $ 3.00

Account description: Bill # 6740, MONITORHYIP
Store account number: 6740

Date of operation: November 22, 2018 18:29
Operation ID: 681926110
Type of operation: transfer
Status: completed
Debit amount: 200.00
Amount received: 200.00

Account description: Bill # 6742, MONITORHYIP
Store account number: 6742