Configure Apache to host multiple sites?

I am in the process of completely changing the way I organize the files on my computer.

In the past, I had a "DEV" folder and in that one folder "+ htdocs" and then a subfolder for each website I was working on, so …


myHDD> DEV> + htdocs> Company1
myHDD> DEV> + htdocs> Company2
myHDD> DEV> + htdocs> Company3

(This allowed me to configure virtual hosts in MAMP and it worked quite well!)

Now I would like to change that paradigm and have a parent directory for each company I'm supporting, and then an independent "web root" for each respective company like this …


myHDD> Company1> + htdocs
myHDD> Company2> + htdocs
myHDD> Company3> + htdocs

Is there any way to do this with MAMP / Apache?