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When there is no way to touch and feel the product, it is essential to provide your online customers with the greatest possible visual appeal to facilitate their purchase process. Your job, as the owner of a website, is to show your products in the best way. In Magento 2, Lookbook is a perfect extension to increase the power of cross-selling and provide customers with a convenient shopping experience.

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Lookbook Magento 2 Extension gives the owner of an online store many benefits

A great advantage of this tool is that you can create multiple collections of images for your products based on the images you upload. Look-book offers a Fix option for each image, that is, it can anchor different images of products / items in the main image, which ultimately envisages an integral appearance for the whole set of products, as well as the individual elements that take that set . Depending on its function, your website becomes more aesthetic with interactive screens and increases your sales.

For customers, this feature helps them imagine how exactly the purchase will adapt to their lifestyle and environment. Customers can buy the full look of this page or they can even choose to buy individual products according to their requirements. In addition, your customers can also access and choose information such as name, size, price, quantity, etc. from this portal. Such ease makes it easy to use and customers of your website can have a convenient shopping experience.

Let's see how Lookbook for Magento can make your website more aesthetic.


The administrator can edit the label of each pin (or the price of the product will be automatically assigned to the label) and change the position of the pop-up image by clicking on the client icon.

In addition, a Lookbook attribute generated by the extension in the Product Information panel allows Admin to select a ready-to-use lookbook from the drop-down list and assign it to the chosen product. Once saved, this montage will be displayed on the product details page.

The administrator is competent to create several slide controls for lookbook by assigning existing lookbooks to the slider at will.

The administrator, on the other hand, can comfortably adjust the options of each Slider using any of the general settings. or individual sliding configuration.

The administrator is free to show the lookbooks or the sliders of the lookbook in any position and on any page according to his wish through the function of inserting widgets.

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