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Actually, the data shows that there are more than 385,000 live websites using OpenCart. Almost half of users are in the US UU (126,000), well ahead of Russia (46,000) and Great Britain (20,000). But, in fact, with Apirone you can receive bitcoins from customers around the world, no matter where they live or what kind of activity they do. In addition, it is not necessary to register, it does not require KYC, it is not necessary to have an account and no document of any kind is needed.
It is ideal that the Bitcoin add-on accepts anonymous payments for adult stores and subscription sales.
Payment process:

Benefits of using the Bitcoin OpenCart add-on
No type of business (porn industry for example) or country restrictions. No matter who your customers are or where they come from, the merchant will receive your money.
It is not necessary to register and it is not mandatory to complete a KYC / AML. It is really useful. But, once again, they can do it because they do not convert Bitcoin into fiat money. It will be interesting to see in the future if you can fulfill your promise with your own wallet.
It is a white label processing. In this way, the entire purchase order process is done on your own website. No redirect, no frames, no redirects to strange pages, no brand invoices … your client remains focused until the conclusion of the transaction. 100% continuous payment on a single page.
Fixed fees It is one of the most interesting things. 0.0002 BTC per transaction, regardless of the order quantity. So, if you are a car salesman or a real estate agent who wants to accept bitcoins, download this add-on now!
There is no maximum number of transactions, quantity or requests for queries.
Also, for those who wish to be completely anonymous during the purchase, they offer a redirect to the TOR network.
Finally, they do not retain their money, so they can not keep their bitcoin.

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