command line interface – How to script out an install with flags?

I’ve downloaded an installer file in .msi format. I’m wanting to figure a way out to script the installer so that I can run it through one our automation tools and have it install and configure the software on hundreds of servers in our environment.

I looked at tools such as Silent Install Builder, and found it very easy to use. Unfortunately, our Enterprise InfoSec tools flag the bundle as malware, so I figured I would just do it via command line since the original .msi itself installs with no issues.

For the install, I’m wanting it to choose “Typical” for the setup type.

On the next screen, I’m wanting to choose both radio buttons.

And finally, I’m wanting it to input an IP address in the “Allowed hosts” field, and choose every module

I’ve looked around online at how to do this via command line, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful with having it choose the setup type, tick both radio buttons, and input the IP address for me and choose every module listed.