command line – How can I recover the gnome-terminal and Nautilus in Ubuntu 18.10? They do not open

A little history. I got tired of worrying about 18.04 so that the Nvidia mn GPU would work correctly and I went ahead and upgraded to 18.10. The problem was solved perfectly, but the terminal would not be launched. It would just spin as if it were charging and then nothing. The same with Nautilus. I decided to completely remove the installation and start over with a new installation of 18.10. Once I finally got to run, everything seemed fine. I started installing a small packet boat in R and Python last night. I also implemented a hack to have numlock about the use of this tutorial.

I had also turned on the night light and I'm not sure what else. This morning I woke up and logged in and now the terminal and Nautilus do not open anymore. Did the numlock lock or something else break these two tools? Is there a way to restore them or is my only option to install an alternative? I tried Xterm but on a 4k screen it is unreadable. The same with the use of Alt + Ctrl + F3.

One ideas?