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I really do not know where to put this FP Apart from here, so … it's here.

So, I am the Developer / main maintainer of a Open source project called, WebWareBox. It's a piece of software that you can embed in your site and leave Users submit The programs, Video game mods, Music, Records and much more. When you embed it in your Site, you can freely customize it, since all you have to do is make a quick adjustment to the Source code and then you have done your personalization.

the Draft It is still in its early stages right now. Not to mention that we are currently re-doing the Design from scratch like the previous one Design It was outdated. Neither do we have a License but we are still finding out that. the Draft is being hosted under so you can thank @ Malcolmjr96 for being so kind in letting me put it under his Forum. I should also mention that @ Malcolmjr96 It is also a Developer / main maintainer of the Draft.

At this time, most of the work is being done in the Development-Branch and we advise you to look at our Documentation, how things are arranged and the Code to have an idea of ​​what we are working on and how things should be done.

You can read our updated Documentation that is currently in the Development-Branch, here:

We also have a IRC channel. You can read my post in about IRC channel If you are interested in joining him:

I hope to see your Contributions to the Draft. Remember to follow the Documentation, know how things are and work well with others Taxpayers.

WebWareBox Repository:
WebWareBox website: