color spaces: how to "read" the information information figure CALCAL correctly or is my LCD calibrator defective?

This is probably a stupid question I want to ask, but I'll still try, do not throw stones at me.

I'm not a photographer or graphic designer, but color reproduction still matters to me, so I bought an older Spyder3Express calibrator and used it in my (also quite old) ThinkPad W530 with B156HW01 V4 (which is advertised as 95% of AdobeRGB and 98% of sRGB).

So far I've been using the Spyder3Express utility for calibration, but recently I switched to DisplayCAL (the calibration takes longer to complete but gives better results) and just for fun, I used this DisplayCAL-profile-info application to see information about the profile that was created by the application, and I'm not sure if I'm looking at the figure / graphic (which shows the coverage of the color spaces) correctly. Let's see the following image:

b156hw01 v4 DisplayCAL-profile-info

Link to ICM profile:

Now, I saw many similar images on the site where, when they are testing a laptop, they will also calibrate the screen to see how well it performs by adding the resulting comparison figures to the review website. But the models reviewed there almost never outperform the comparison model (well, in case the LCD screen is not that good, of course, if you are reviewing a workstation with professional graphics, then you can / do it). For example, this is the Lenovo ThinkPad P1 (Xeon E-2176M, Quadro P2000 Max-Q) reviewed by, which qualifies the screen as 100% sRGB (Argyll 3D) and 87.6% AdobeRGB 1998 (Argyll 3D):

B156ZAN03_2 AdobeRGB DisplayCAL-profile-info by

Link to your ICM profile:

So, just looking at the two images, now I'm not sure if the calibration of my LCD with my Spyder3Express calibrator was faulty (maybe I should have newer hardware?) Or I was lucky to have a B156HW01 screen in my hands V4 exceptionally good. Also according to the bottom of the profile information (from my ICM profile) where the GAMUT coverage information is located, I can see the following:

    GAMUT_coverage (dci-p3) 0.9867
GAMUT_coverage (srgb) 0.9962
GAMUT_coverage (adobe-rgb) 0.9962

According to the specification of the LCD model, the coverage of AdobeRGB should be 95%, and sRGB should be 98%, but mine says that 99.62% for both, does it mean that I have any (almost ) 100% AdobeRGB / sRGB screen, or is my gauge really bad? Because looking at the figure I can see that the greens, yellows and reds are exceeding a lot.

Needless to say, I am very happy with the machine / LCD, the colors are beautiful, although the red color is so bright / bright that it burns my eyes, making the red color of my external monitor look like the color orange.

I also tried to calibrate my EQ2440L Benq 24 "external monitor and the smaller ThinkPad X240 with LP125WF2-SPB2 IPS (74% sRGB) I am very happy with the results.