Cointiply – – GPT (gets paid)

<<>>Single tap
Start Membership: Free
Premium Membership: 17,000 coins (1 month), 170,000 coins (1 year);
1 coin = Approximately 1.6 Satoshi (change with the BTC value);
Reference: 25% for all faucet claims and 10% for all tasks and activities of Walls of Offer

Revenue options:
1. Faucet claim every hour (maximum potential of 100,000 coins in one turn);
Bonus for each prime number you cast;
The loyalty bonus pays 1% per day of consecutive sessions (maximum 100%);
2. Complete the offers walls.
3. PTC and Videos
4. Cointiply Mining Game (win for long-term winnings) <<>>
Buy buildings with coins, upgrade buildings, generate profits, gems for maintenance;
Elevate your mining efficiency to 200%; To maintain an efficiency of 200%, you must register at your mine once every 1-2 hours;
The efficiency rate is reduced by 2% every hour, that is why you must register.
5. Play games
Minimum withdrawal: 35,000 coins
Payments take between 24 and 48 hours to process.

My proof of payment:

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Remove options:
1. Directly (Bitcoin Wallet or Dogecoin Wallet)
2. FaucetHub

Register here:

Do not use any VPN service to register with Cointiply or risk being forbidden!
Thanks in advance. Happy earnings