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Online date: 2018-7-28

Investment plans: 120% after 1 day 525% after 35 days 145% after 5 days 170% after 10 days 200% after 15 days 405% after 25 days

Minimum expenditure: $ 25

Reference Commission: two%

Type of withdrawal: Manual

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Payment of accpet: PM LTC ETH BTC

About us :


COINGENIC LIMITED is a global online investment company headquartered in the United Kingdom. Our company is dedicated to the cryptocurrency trade, which includes bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other altcoins. Our experienced and trained operators work 24 hours a day to guarantee a constant income with minimal risks. We believe that cryptocurrencies elevate the financial system to a completely new level and, therefore, our main objective is to trade in the best sectors of the crypto market, like Bitcoin, the main master of currencies. .