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Welcome to Coin Capital Trade. We are backed by Crypto Trading, Gold and Forex Market. We have more than several years of experience in investments in gold and commodities and now we are mainly in the cryptographic currency trade. We want to share our experience and allow you the opportunity to use our services and experience. Our program offers the opportunity to prorate money in the currency trading Crypto, Gold and Forex. With the help of market trends, we can use almost every possibility to increase your profits. We have extensive experience in this area and we intend to expand our business and trade in Coin Capital Trade with crypto currency, trade in gold shares, invest in crypto and Gold and Forex mining stocks and hedge funds. As seasoned we live the ups and downs of many markets and programs. Our reasons are simple: cryptos is a precious investment with an increasing market value, it is used in many countries and it is still a limited resource. Crypto in general has gained value steadily, and our business has been able to benefit greatly from it. Fortunately, we have not felt the impact of the economic crisis. In addition, gold in general has gained value constantly, and our business has also been able to benefit greatly from it. Our investment strategies are based on sound and proven techniques for trading developed by a group of fund management professionals with an elite reputation. Coin Capital Trade expects to provide its investors with the best returns while at the same time covering the risks during the low markets and amplifying the gains in consistently strong markets. Our team consists of experienced and qualified professionals with many years of experience in investments in the capital market and trade experts. We are constantly developing new and effective investment strategies and products for our current and future clients and investors. We can develop a variety of strategies and fund structures to provide optimal risk-adjusted returns for investors. Proper Business has a strong network of private investors and institutional experts to work with. Our mission is to promote online investments for those of you who are new to this business or have been investing online for a long time without the success you desire. Our program is aimed at people who want to achieve their financial freedom but who can not do it because they are not financial experts.

Investment plans:
(1) 2.1% -2.8% daily for 100 days and principal capital at the end
(2) 3.5% daily for 50 days and main included.

Start date: 2018-10-23

Payment options: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin

Withdrawal Type: Manually with 12 working hours.

Reference Commissions: 7% -3% -2% -0.5% -0.5%

My deposit: 200 dollars.

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