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What are click cents?
Click Cents is a digital advertising platform that offers visitors a great platform like Google, Traffic Junky, MaxBounty, AdSupply, Convert2Media, PopAds, AdMixer, Perform (cb) just to name a few. We deliver ad users and make profit from them. By joining hands and working with us, you will help us deliver such great traffic to them. We win and you win, win-win situation, right?

Minimum deposit: $ 10 The | Minimum withdrawal: $ 15
400 Clicks ($ 10)
950 Clicks ($ 25)
2150 Clicks ($ 50)
4500 Clicks ($ 100)

-I have verified that the websites are valid advertising / marketing platforms.
for example Traffic Junky, it may seem familiar to you, you seem to be seeing it a lot in the P * RN SITES ads.
Lazada, Shopee, Google Ads and many ad traffic sites are popping up.

It's free?
Yes actually, 100% free for our daily users. Free clicks are credited to all accounts at exactly 00:00 or 12 p.m. GMT

Control panel when clicking on ads:
Small size image

-You may consider checking the raw ad page while clicking (takes less data)

I tried depositing the lowest $ 10 click plan through eth and after the 400 clicks were made I bought the plan for my winnings and withdrew $ 15 after my homework was done (about 1 hour + 800 clicks) ad):
Small size image

Confirmed Withdrawal *
Small size image

I received withdraw in my wallet after a few minutes:
Small size image

About benchmark bonds

10% of the plan price purchased by your referral goes directly to your balance and you can claim it on the transaction page
(url = https: // ref = 715)
Register here (/ url)

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