Chemistry – Battery capacity – Mathematics Battery exchange

The following reaction occurs in a battery:

Cd + 2NiO (OH) + 2H2O -> Cd (OH) 2 + 2Ni (OH) 2

Find the capacity of the battery if you have 1 gram of Cd and 1 gram of NiO (OH). So I did this:

Cd -> Cd ^ (2 +) + 2e

Ni (3 +) + e -> Ni (2+)

I discovered that NiO (OH) is the limited reagent and we have 0.019 moles of it. My book tells me that this number is also equal to mol electrons. But here I get confused. Are not we supposed to multiply with two to get the mol electrons? Because the cd gives to the electrons. This is the only thing I do not understand.