checkout: shows the frontend errors in the modal pop-up window

If there is a problem in the payment process, the error is displayed near the top, for 5 seconds and then it disappears. Most customers do not even see the message.

Often, in smaller devices, the client does not see the message and will continue repeating the action, regardless of the message.

I have managed to show the error for more than 5 seconds, but a better method would be to show the error in a pop-up mode that would show even on mobile devices.

However, it seems that I can not find a way to show the client interface errors in a way that requires an action to close.

Is there a module that allows the front-end error message to be displayed in a pop-up mode?

If someone has an idea about how to make this happen, let me know. I think it would help the client to complete the order, instead of leaving the cart, because they did not see the error.

Maybe I'm using the wrong search terms for this, but it was hard to imagine that I'm the only one with this problem.

Thank you.