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  • Please, check the butterflies that appear in the image and send comments on the quality or suggestions on anything that can be done to improve the butterfly products listed. – The Butterfly Company has had a solid foundation in the service of clients since 1977. This company was originally created to provide supplies to butterfly enthusiasts and collectors, insect photographers, artisans, scientists, researchers and educational institutions.

The butterflies on sale are for use in craft projects, butterfly collections, creation of works of art, creative decorations, as well as fun learning projects for children. In addition to butterflies, The Butterfly Company also has moths, beetles, insects, collector supplies, gifts and more.

Keep in mind: All butterflies and insects for sale are butterflies raised on farms around the world that died of natural causes.

The Butterfly Company was recently acquired by a new owner; We are looking for reviews of others, including useful information that could be used to help make improvements.